Flood Control

L.R. Nelson Consulting Engineers has maintained the reputation of being a leading multi-disciplined consulting firm for nearly 25 years.  The Civil Group has been an integral part of broadening the scope of services offered to our clients since 1989.


flood control

L.R. Nelson Consulting Engineers professional and technical staff is experienced in all aspects of land development.  Our staff employs the codes and standards of the local government agencies and the latest computer design methods in preparing civil improvement plans.

L.R. Nelson Consulting Engineers uses the FEMA accepted hydrologic and hydraulic software for analysis of complex watersheds and flood water conveyance. Our staff has more than 20 years experience in the analysis of watersheds range from less than an acre to over 1000 acres and uses the various methods available such as Rational Method, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers HEC-1 and HEC-HMS in the southwest region of the country.

Equally, our staff is well versed in the analysis of flood water conveyance in ephemeral washes, floodplains, constructed open channels, urbanized area and all sizes of underground storm drain systems.  Our staff uses many of the latest tools such as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers HEC-RAS Riverine Analysis System, Los Angeles County WSPG, Federal Highway Administration Hydraulic Toolbox and Bentley Systems FlowMaster to name a few.